HYOGO Prefecture is one of the best Golf Tourism destinations in Japan!

Hyogo Prefecture, the geographical center of Japan is the only prefecture having different seas both in the north and south, so it has a diversity of climatic conditions and cultural features. As the first place of Domestic Golf, the number of golf courses in Within Japan, the Prefecture offers smooth and uninterrupted passage from various cities by extensive expressway, railway, and airline networks. You can enjoy the world heritage sites such as Himeji Castle, the great nature such as Naruto Whirlpools, and abundant local cuisines such as world-renowned Kobe Beef, and Matsuba snow crabs from Japan Sea. And in winter, you can enjoy both skiing and golf at HYOGO Prefecture is one of the best Golf Tourism destinations in Japan.

Where is Hyogo Prefecture?

HYOGO : The Heart of Japan

When measured from the southernmost part of the island-prefecture of Okinawa, to the northernmost part of Hokkaido, you will find that Hyogo prefecture falls directly in the center of Japan (35°N, 135°E), thus making it the perfect location from which one may travel to any part of the country.

Kansai International Airport is one of the two largest, major airports in Japan and is said to be the “western gate” of the country. The city of Kobe, considered the heart of Hyogo prefecture, is located just one hour from the airport.

Osaka (Itami) International Airport and Kobe Airport are also both located in the Kobe area, as is the Shin-Kobe Shinkansen (bullet train) station, providing for easy access to all corners of Japan.

How to Get to Hyogo

Regions of Hyogo Prefecture


Blessed with beautiful natural surroundings, various outdoor activities can be enjoyed throughout the year in Tajima.Tajima Cattle, known for being the breeding cattle for many brands such as Kobe Beef, is a prized product of this region. There is an abundance of tourist attractions such as Kinosaki Onsen, a natural hot spring town with a history of 1300 years, and Takeda Castle Ruins, which is also known as “the castle in the sky.”


Harima is the home of Himeji Castle, a World Heritage Site. Also, craftsmen in Harima produced Japan’s first iron golf club by applying the same production technology as that of the samurai’s katana sword. Activities which allow guests to try their hand at some of the traditional, local occupations of the area are popular attractions for visitors.


Floating in the Seto Inland Sea, Awaji Island is a treasure trove of gastronomic delights, as the warm climate promotes thriving agriculture, dairy and farm industries. The world’s largest whirlpool, generated by the tidal range, is an impressive display of the power of nature, and a must-see spot located just off the coast of Awaji island.


Being a port city with a global population, a Chinatown, sake breweries, an array of temples representing cultures from around the world and traditional Japanese hot springs, Kobe is a true melting pot of a city. Between the big cities of Osaka and Kobe, the Hanshin area has been home to both business and culture since ancient times. It has nurtured rich traditions such as Noh theater and flower arranging, and is home to the Takarazuka Revue, arguably the country’s most well-known and recognized performance company.


There are more than 160 golf courses in Hyogo. Only 60 minutes you can reach about 100 courses from Kobe. The world’s top 100 Hirono GC and Japan’s oldest golf course Kobe GC are also located in Hyogo. It’s just the best golf destination in Japan.


World heritage Himeji Castle, historic Arima Onsen, Kobe, the representative city of civilization. Hyogo is the most popular tourist destination in Japan where you can experience Japanese culture, history and food. Kobe City has more than 13,000 shops and more than 10,000 restaurants. Hyogo is the best place where golfers and non-golfers can fully enjoy Japan.